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Lean on Me Foundation started off as a support group for adolescent girls and young women living with HIV. We later increased our focus to  support access to rights-based health services for adolescent girls and children in Kenya. We have been in the forefront of leading efforts towards building a strong young women’s movement against HIV and TB through mobilizing, advocating, mentoring and raising consciousness on the issues that inform access and  accelerate the end of the two diseases as epidemics. We raise consciousness on human rights and gender related barriers to access to health services for adolescent girls and children and aim to  contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on access to healthcare for all. We are part of the broader  movement for health and  rights, working in  alliances with like-minded  networks and organizations.


To promote access and retention to rights-based health services and defeat epidemics of AIDS and TB in Kenya. 


World free of HIV and TB

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